The Surprising Jobs Mobile Apps Can Do For Your Business

Aug 4, 2023

These days, there is an app for just about everything.

Want to order dinner from a spa pool? You can do it.

Want to see who’s at your front door from the other side of the world? You can do it.

Want to check what your pet gets up to while you are at work? You can do it!

The power of the app is not only limited to making home life easier. There are literally thousands of apps out there that can make doing business easier too.

And, what’s even better, mobile apps allow you to use a phone or tablet to keep working on the go.

But, knowing which mobile apps to choose and what to use them for can be a challenge.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a list of tasks you might not have realised an app can help you with. So, let’s see what those jobs are:


The Surprising Jobs Mobile Apps Can Do For Your Business

Working On The Go

As a small business owner, you get used to working on the go. Checking your emails in between appointments, booking in clients while leaving your last job, and posting on your socials while waiting for deliveries.

That means you rely quite heavily on portable devices like your phone or tablet. And while those devices are like a computer, they still have limitations. They don’t quite function in the same way or have the same navigation capabilities.

That’s where mobile apps come in.

Mobile apps transform the powerful business tools you know and love into a user friendly option for when you are working on the go. Designed specifically to be used on mobile devices, mobile apps are usually condensed versions of their PC counterparts.


Surprising Jobs Mobile Apps Can Do

As we mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands of mobile apps that you COULD be using for your business. But, just because you can use them, doesn’t mean you should be!

So, we have compiled our list of the surprising jobs you can use mobile apps for and some of our favourite apps. Here they are:

Streamline Communication

Do your team all work remotely or have varying times out of the office? Then, why not streamline your communication with real-time messaging? There are a number of mobile apps you can use to do that. Our favourites are Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even a Whatsapp chat group.

Having all of your messages in one place stops email clutter, improves communication for your team and ensures everyone is on the same page. Not only does this help with team understanding, but it can boost everyone’s productivity too.


Get Organised

Another way to boost the productivity of your team (and yourself) is to get organised. Instead of having all those to-dos floating around in your mind or on scraps of paper on your desk, use a task management app like Trello or Asana.

Available as PC software and as mobile apps, these programmes provide a place to organise tasks, share information, and collaborate on a single platform. This helps your team to focus on the right things at the right time and get through their work efficiently. And, you can check in with the progress of everything while on the go, making sure nothing gets missed!


Manage Real Time Product Sales

Retailing online or in person? Then, you need a POS (point of sale) system that can handle it all. A POS system gives you a place to track your inventory and manage your sales in real time. And by choosing a POS that is an app and syncs with other apps, you’ll have a central place to control everything.

No matter how you are retailing your products, Vend is the system to help you do it. eCommerce, in-store, at markets or events – you can do it all from an integrated system that works on PC, laptop or mobile device.


Get Visual

Marketing is a key component of business success. And effective marketing needs a strong visual element. Of course, you can utilise the skills of a graphic designer, but you can also use a mobile app to create simple on-brand graphics wherever you are.

Canva is the perfect solution for social media and email marketing graphics. And with all the templates and pre sized options available, you can create engaging graphics right from your phone.


Nail Your Sales (Leads)

It can be easy to lose track of what stage a job is at when you have multiple things on the go. CRM (Client Record Management) systems contain all the details about each of your potential, current and past clients. At a glance, you can see exactly what stage a client job is at.

This can really help you to nail your sales as nothing is missed and things are followed up appropriately so no opportunities are lost. By choosing the right mobile app, some of this follow up can happen via automation, along with sending you reminders and prompts. We really like Pipedrive (affiliate link) for tracking your sales on any device.


Strengthen Client Relationships

You want people to have a great experience when they interact with your business. Not only can a CRM help you with nailing your sales, but it can also develop a good customer experience by keeping the communication flowing.

With auto responders, chatbots, and real time connection, you can stay in touch with your customers, personalising the conversations to their exact needs. And, you can control it all from your pocket with a mobile app. We love Zendesk for this purpose.


Need Help With Mobile Apps?

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