John and Amber Teddy from Hawkes Bay Concrete Services were so busy that they felt out of their depth. Sick of dealing with errors from their previous bookkeeper, they were dreading the thought of having to bring their time consuming financial tasks back in-house. But they didn’t really see any other option.

Until they received a recommendation to use the team here at Admin Army.

Having been in business since 2009, Hawkes Bay Concrete has steadily grown into a stable fixture in the Hawkes Bay market. That steady growth has produced the need for ongoing administrative tasks like payroll and bookkeeping.

So naturally, they chose to outsource the tasks they didn’t have the time to complete.

Unfortunately, their first experience with a bookkeeper was not ideal. They experienced a lot of errors with data inputting and coding. This was causing lots of rework and double handling, sucking away at their precious time.

Naturally, they lost their confidence in outsourcing after the experience they had with their previous provider. They were wary of being burned again in the same way.

But then they heard about Admin Army. Feeling overwhelmed by the level of work to get through, they decided to trust the word of mouth referrals they had received and give us a chance to prove our strengths in September 2017.

“We were so busy and felt out of our depth. We didn’t want to continue doing things in house and needed someone who knew what they were doing and could give us confidence. We were wary of working with another bookkeeper after our past experiences but you have exceeded our expectations”.


After an initial clean up phase, we were up and running like clockwork. Right away, the team at Hawkes Bay Concrete began to see the benefits.

They could rest easily, finally confident that their bookkeeping and payroll tasks were being handled as they should. Plus, the link between Admin Army and their accountant was a huge bonus. Knowing we can link in with their other suppliers to streamline processes was one less thing for them to worry about.

“Working with Admin Army has reduced our stress levels greatly. There is now a whole arm of the business we don’t have to worry about and we can focus on other parts to keep the business running.”

Without the time consuming financial tasks bogging them down, they can now turn their attention to the important things of keeping the business running smoothly and profitably.


Weekly payroll processing using iPayroll


Weekly Xero bank reconciliation


Accounts payable – entering bills and receipts into Xero (both natively and using Receipt Stash) ready for payment processing


Our goal at Admin Army is to make your life easier. We are down in the trenches with you, getting all those tasks done that you just don’t have time for. For Hawkes Bay Concrete Services, that’s exactly what we have achieved in our 18-months working together to date.

“It’s pain-free and stress-free and that’s what counts. Admin Army provide a level of ease that you don’t get in business these days. Knowing things are take care of, that’s gold and you can’t put a price on that.”

Do you want to be able to focus on the key areas of your business too?

Then get in touch with us here at Admin Army to see how we can reduce your stress levels and give you the confidence to grow your business backed by an army of knowledge and support.