The Fully Integrated App Systems your Business Needs

May 14, 2023

Apps are the way of the future for businesses of all sizes.

They create efficiencies by streamlining specific processes and saving you hours while doing it.

There are many apps out in the marketplace that we would recommend. But, with an app, they are usually really good at performing one particular task.

Often, one app can’t do all the jobs you need.

The solution? A fully integrated app system!

Let’s take some time to explore what they are and how they could be the efficiency solution your business has been looking for!

The Fully Integrated App Systems your Business Needs

What is a Fully Integrated App System?

The official description of a fully integrated app system is the seamless connection of several applications or software solutions that undertake automated business workflows.

Sounds pretty fancy, right?

Let’s put it into words that are a little simpler. An integrated app system allows applications and software built independently to communicate and work together to produce new capabilities and efficiencies for your business.

For example, your web platform and accounting software will have been built by different developers for different purposes. On the face of it, each operates independently. But they both house some valuable data that the other could benefit from.

With app integration, those two separate systems can talk to each other and streamline sharing information to benefit your business. So, when an order is placed on your website, your accounting system is alerted, and a financial entry is automatically created to record the transaction.

The Benefits of Using Integrated Apps

There are plenty of benefits to using integrated apps in your business. Here are some of them:

Removes Manual Processes

Getting your apps to talk together can remove the need for manual processes like data entry and importing important information. Your integrations will ensure the correct data is in the right place for you to utilise when you need it.

Greater Efficiency

App integrations make things in your business happen automatically. They also remove the risk of human error or delays. That means work is done quickly and correctly, streamlining aspects of your business and making your workflows more efficient.

Time Saving

When your apps are talking and sharing information, they can be completed several jobs at once. Those might have been manual tasks you had to perform one after the other previously. This can save you hours of time you can spend working on your core business.

Increased Visibility

The great thing about digitising a process is that it creates a data trail. This can give you greater visibility of what is going on in your business. You can also view, track and report on the data in your workflow, letting you further improve your processes and serve your clients better.


Without support and technology, your business will reach a certain point and not be able to expand any further. The right integrated app system lets you leverage technology for business scalability and growth and reach your goals (or even exceed them!)

Examples of Fully Integrated App Systems

Here’s a list of some of our favourite apps which integrate to create a seamless system for their users. We’ve sorted them into a list that’s suitable for certain professions:

Recruitment Firms

Scenario: you have some contractors or labour-hire employees, and you’re still operating with paper timesheets.

One solution we’ve found makes a significant impact on recruitment firms is the following integrations:

  • Invoxy: timesheet and billing software designed specifically for recruiters
  • PayHero: software that improves the efficiency and accuracy of payroll
  • Xero: accounting software perfect for small businesses

Together, these three apps will save hours every week with a smooth data transfer to allow recruiters to pay their team accurately and on time.

Timesheets are entered into Invoxy, allowing clear approval procedures to be followed. With this data in one central place, you can quickly raise invoices for the approved time at the click of a button and send all contractor payment information to PayHero for payment.

E-commerce Businesses

If you have an e-commerce business, then you will find this combination of apps to be really helpful:

  • Unleashed: inventory management software for real-time reporting and visibility
  • Lightspeed (formerly Vend): a comprehensive POS system to serve you and your customers
  • Shopify: the ultimate website platform for selling online
  • Xero: accounting software perfect for small businesses

These four apps will help you run the ultimate streamlined e-commerce store without worrying about stock levels or profitability. All information is at your fingertips and automatically moving through the various systems.


Many accountants specialise in creating efficiencies in their client’s businesses; this software integration setup will create the same effortlessness in their own businesses.

  • Xero Practice Manager: seamlessly managed your client jobs from start to finish
  • Xero Workpapers: helping you manage compliance workflows, client queries and working documents
  • Xero Tax: tax preparation, filing and compliance tasks for all your clients
  • Xero: the small business accounting software that pulls it all together

Never lose track of your client’s work and ensure all deadlines and compliance practices are met with this system of integrated apps.

Getting your Apps to Talk to Each Other

Technically you can get any apps to talk to each other with the right connecting software solution. But, there can be problems with connecting apps willy-nilly.  Much like people, some won’t get along as well as you’d hoped! There is also the risk that connecting too many incompatible apps could cause havoc for your business with an unmanageable and overly complicated setup.

That’s why it is better to use integrations that are proven to work.

Chatting with an expert about those app solutions can save you time and frustration! Admin Army has some tech experts who live and breathe apps here.

They can help you to wage war on your business inefficiencies and generate integrated app solutions that work well. Get in touch with our team today, and we can chat about how we can improve your business.




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