Balancing Bookkeeping Automation And Personal Touch For The Best Service

Dec 20, 2023

The benefits of using technology in business is OLD NEWS!

We all know how amazing automation and technology can be for improving efficiency and productivity, helping you do more with fewer resources.

But, while you want your bookkeeper to be efficient, you don’t want them to be a robot!

Trust us, the idea sounds cool at first, but if you choose one that lets bookkeeping automation dominate their business, it can come back to byte you.

The human element of interaction is vital for a successful business relationship.

But, you don’t have to say rust in peace to the technology just yet. It’s all about finding an expert who can strike a balance between bookkeeping automation and the personal touch.

Let’s explore how you can find this in your business, don’t worry, you bot this!


Balancing Bookkeeping Automation And Personal Touch For The Best Service


Striking A Technology Balance

It can be tempting to add as many technological capabilities as possible to your business, and there are definitely benefits to embracing bookkeeping automation. But, it is important to prevent technology from completely taking over. You will find that it is not the technology aspect that draws you to a bookkeeper, it is their vibe and expertise.

That personal touch is what will enrich the working relationship you both have. That’s why it’s essential to find someone who is able to balance the power of bookkeeping automation with the human touches that help you feel valued and heard.

Embracing a bookkeeper who can integrate technology into your processes while leveraging their human expertise will do amazing things for your business.


The Importance Of A Personal Touch

While technology is an important part of accurate bookkeeping, the human element remains essential. In fact, it actually enhances the technological aspects of your business by adding an element of critical thinking to the data that bookkeeping produces.

Humanness also helps your business to remain adaptable when things fall slightly outside the box or out of line with a standard automated process. Plus, you also get all those amazing things like empathy and care!

Most importantly, the human touch allows you to build a strong relationship of trust with your bookkeeper, resulting in excellent service, speedy conflict resolution, and tailored business solutions that no automation can compete with!


Balancing Technology

How do you know if your potential bookkeeper is going to be able to offer a good balance of technology and the personal touch? Well, here are some things to look out for in your search:

Personal Interaction

The best way to assess the humanness of a business is to see the human or humans that are working in it! That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get in front of them to physically shake their hand, but anything from a Zoom chat to a phone call or even an email can build a valuable rapport.

These little interaction touches are really valuable as they become a reminder your bookkeeper is still there working away in your business. It helps to build that relationship of trust and means you are used to hearing from each other. This is great when either of you needs something, like info, paperwork, or a response to a question.


There are certainly some aspects of communication between you and your bookkeeper that can be automated. Sending invoices, triggers to fill in documents, or meeting requests can all be done via various software systems. But there are other aspects of communication that must be done with a more personalised approach.

Establish the fact that open communication is a priority and that you can both contact each other with queries. Schedule regular check-ins or opportunities to connect so that you can discuss business progress, reporting and general updates on the bookkeeping service. By maintaining these personal interactions, you will only build a stronger working relationship.

Tailored Service

Not every business will have the exact same needs, so the possibility to tailor the service you get from your bookkeeper is really helpful. It will mean you get all of the help you need without wasting time on the stuff you don’t need!

And if you lean into their technological capabilities, bookkeeping automation can handle all of the routine tasks in your business. This creates efficiency and accuracy, speeding up processes and reducing the potential for errors. This blend of personalisation and technology will result in a tailored financial strategy that will suit the unique needs and goals of your business.

More Than Transactions

Being great with financial transactions is obviously a big part of being a good bookkeeper. But, so is having problem solving and analysis skills. Technology and bookkeeping automation are great at gathering data and processing transactions. Yet, the data will just sit there unless you have someone with the skill to read it.

Excellent bookkeepers can take that data and look at the story it is telling about your business. They can help you use it to create efficiencies, look for areas of improvement, and identify any red flags. This business advisory element can be very helpful for achieving business success.


Finding The Right Bookkeeper

Now that you know how important it is to have a bookkeeper who can balance the use of technology and the personal touch, how do you find them?

Well, the search doesn’t have to be hard! Simply have a chat with our expert team here at Admin Army. We are the masters of balancing bookkeeping automation with the human side of business.

We are as invested in making your business a success as you are. In fact, we’ll wage war on untidy financial transactions to create accurate records that detail exactly what is happening in your business. Plus, we’ll give you our best advice and financial strategies for how to achieve your goals.

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